Sunny Kids Parties bring a ray of sunshine to any party, kids birthdays, markets, events, corporate events, fairs, school activities and much more! Our entertainers dress up in fantastical themes to bring joy and magic with your chosen character! As an up and coming business, not all our products are photographed yet so do get in touch to find out more - we look forward to making your day SUNNY!

Face Painting

Email us for a pricing portfolio

Furniture Hire

Packages Available

$10 per table 1.22m long height is adjustable

$1 per stool white colour only

Themed Entertainment

Our entertainers dress up to your events theme

Hair Braiding

We can braid in coloured hair extensions

Festival Crystal Gems

Available part of face painting

Nature Arts and Crafts

Ethically sourced natural products

Glitter Tattoos

Skin safe biodegradable glitter